Rules for Farm Stock Classes


For liability reasons you must be a member of CCATA to pull. CCATA is not responsible for accidents or injury. All contestants, tractor owners, or participants, in any manner enter the contest at their own personal and property liability risk. Any problems or complaints will be settled by officers and trustees present at any pull. Tech check decisions are final.

Contestant’s Entry

One driver per class unless there are less than 5, then 2 drivers will be permitted to pull. Drivers must be at least 16 years of age or have written consent from parent or guardian, with adult supervision present.


Pulling tractors and all equipment must be operated and handled in a safe manner at all times on the grounds. There will be no riders on tractors except for driver. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted anywhere on the grounds.


There will be no tractor age limit for the farm stock class(es). No four wheel drive or turbochargers. Tractors will be allowed 20% over factory max. RPMs.  There will be a speed limit of 8.0 M.P.H.  Tractors must have working air cleaner, hood and grill in place and have stock appearance. Hitch must be ridge in all directions with a 3” hole or clevis with a clip in the pin.  Hitch height is 18” maximum. Minimum 18” from center of axle to hitch point. Tractors must have working brakes.


 Maximum tire size:

18.4-38 no cut, sharpened or altered.


 Front weights cannot extend forward more than 11 feet from center of rear axle.

Rear weights cannot extent more than 6” past furthest part of rear tires. 


 Operator must remain seated at all times during a pulling attempt. Start with tight chain, no jerking. All pulls will be made under green flag. Red flag means stop. If tractor stops be for the 75’ mark will be allowed a second attempt.  Tractor must stay in bounds at all times during the attempt. Any weights, parts or hardware that falls off while hooked to the sled will disqualify the tractor. Tractors must weigh out after a pull attempt.

Rules for points pull

 Points will be awarded to the tractor. Points will be kept by club officer. If a tractor pulls twice in a class, the first time will be for the points. Ties will be broken by total distant. Five (5) points for hooking to sled and 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, etc.  Must pull in a minimum of 3 points pulls to qualify for awards. 


Awards for all CCATA pulls will be 40% payback. 

HOOK FEE------------- $10      



               8.0 MPH          

8,500      Farm Stock


For more information 330-356-2020 or 330-814-7245